Core Workout

  1. Superman stabilizer
    1. Place your knees below your hips and your hand in a straight line below your shoulders.
    2. Stretch your left arm and your right leg. Switch arms & legs to complete one repetition.
  2. Body press
    1. Lay down on your belly.
    2. Press your upperbody in the air with your hands starting next to your shoulders.
  3. Stretched one leg crunch
    1. Stretch your arms en legs and lay down with your back on the ground.
    2. Make a stretched crunch and with each crunch you lift one
  4. Bicycle crunch
    1. Place yourself on the ground sitting on your but with your arms and legs of the ground.
    2. Make a bicycle movement and tab your hands at high speed between your legs.

Watch the video and perform the exercises at the same speed and posture as Ashley is doing. And remember…..there are no wonder pills for that sexy ideal body you want. You have to get your bum of the couch and work for it. With the right dedication, hard work and our motivation & inspiration tips you are just one step away from that body you have been waiting for. But now are working for!

If you have any questions about a workout, exercise or any other lifestyle related things, don’t be afraid to send us a message! We will help you the best way we can. Don’t forget to subscribe to our YouTube channel for super motivational lifestyle videos!


See you next week!

XO Team Model Workout






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