My experiences so far

  • My body is seriously detoxing from sugar, I have a lot of craving for candy and chocolate. But managed damaged control and only had 3 pieces of chocolate, one scoop of ice cream and 3 pink cakes on two of my cheat days 😉
  • When I have stress or feel tired (mentally) I have the most trouble keeping up the challenge. This seems to always happen on Friday and Sunday night after a week of hard work and studying. So now I make sure I have a healthy snack ready to stop me from eating sugar and snacks.
  • I became aware that a lot of my cravings are conditioned. Like the habit to eat something while watching TV, when you are bored, travelling from work or going out for dinner. Now I ask myself the question; “Does my body need nutrition or is it my brain forcing me to eat something since it’s one of my old habits. I wrote on article about “why we over eat” and this knowledge is now helping me in this challenge.
  • On the days I work-out I have the least trouble in having healthy nutrition. On those days I feel balanced and release most of the stress. I feel strong enough mentally to stick with the challenge.
  • I survived 4 birthday parties, including my own, and 1 baby shower without eating unhealthy snacks and treats. It was not without struggle and I stalked my support system that day (you know who you are 😉 ) but I managed to not eat anything of the following temptations and only stick to my own made healthy snacks or just kept my mouth shut! 😉 haha

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  • But on the days life is challenging me and I don’t work out, I have the most trouble and feel extra tired for this mental conflict I’m having. Trying to prevent myself over eating and craving for sugar again. With this awareness I hope to win this battle over and over again 😉
  • Every time you overcome a temptation you feel proud of yourself and this will increase your self-esteem and confidence in yourself.
  • First I didn’t wanted to add cheat days in this challenge but it’s an illusion to think you have so much willpower to withstand your old habits all at once. Fit Girl Anna wrote a very nice article about it, how your willpower is like a muscle, read more about how you don’t do it all at once.
  • I’m already noticing that my mindset towards food is changing and I am actually aware of my weaknesses preventing me to completely unlock the code towards my healthy lifestyle. Stress is a major weakness and beside socializing with friends and family. Apparently I always covered myself with food while I experience stress and like to eat and drink while I’m meeting up with my friends and family.

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