Tips and Tricks

  • Schedule your cheat days on a day you meet up with friends or you know you are going out for dinner. This way you can also enjoy eating more than usual and treat yourself.
  • Since I only drink tea, water and coffee and avoiding other drinks, I mix my coffee with almond, soya or rice milk and drink my water with slices of lemon or oranges and mint. This way I don’t get bored drinking the same and add variation to my liquid intake.
  • Listen to your body. Is it really in need of nutrition and will it stop functioning if you don’t eat something, or is it an appetite for a snack?
  • Consider the fact that this will be a mental challenge.
  • Don’t eat less, just explore alternatives for your old food habits. For example I eat all day long since I work-out on a regular base and my body is seeking nutrition to recover.
  • Take into account that it will take time and energy for you to explore healthy alternatives for your old food habits. Prepping healthy snacks or cooking yourself a healthy diner will also challenge your time schedule.
  • Keep your end goal in mind. Take a before picture and every month an after picture. Do whatever keeps you motivated. Perhaps writing about your experiences and thoughts during your challenge. This helps you overcome these bumps in the road every challenge faces.
  • Be proud of yourself for starting this journey! 😀

I started my challenge one month ago and have every intention to keep going for the next two months. I dare you to start your own challenge! Hopefully I can inspire you, like I was inspired by two friends ;). Join me or start another challenge like our 30 Day Ab Challenge! Whatever your challenge is, let’s support each other! 😀



Next month I will give an update of my journey in this challenge. I will also share with you my food and exercise schedule and hope that I already got rid of a few of my old food habits!

To be continued… in the meanwhile I keep practising my pull-ups… my work-out challenge 😉

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