The Willeke Zorg Workout

The Willeke Zorg Workout Club offers super effective 12-minute HIIT workouts. Willeke understands that you have been a little bit lazy this summer, laying on a beach, sipping cocktails, enjoying the sun.. But she also wants to help you get back on track again. That’s why she now offers the ‘Team Up!’ program in which you and your BFFF can workout together. When you both sign up at the website, you can see when the other has worked out and when she didn’t. So no more excuses, your BFFF is watching you!

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10 minute Ab Workout 

If you are not into yoga but like to get a little active in the morning without getting crazy sweaty, this abs routine is perfect. Stick to it for a week and you will see a difference!

Sweaty Betty Ballet Bootcamp 

If you have the time for a workout and want to try something different, this is really nice. Play that awesome playlist and GO!

30 Minute Aerobic Dance Workout 

An amazing workout that will make you feel super energized and happy. Perfect if you are feeling a little down and need an energy boost.Tara Stiles’ bedtime yoga 

I love this simple yoga routine to clear the mind and relax my body before a good night sleep.

 What are your favourite online workouts? 


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