Protein shakes are available in a large variety of different tastes and can be used in all kinds of food applications. While there is a huge market for protein shakes it can be difficult to find the right one for you. As a ‘strong and independent’ (doing a little queen Bee) newby myself I decided to just experiment with a couple to find out what suits me and my lifestyle the best. Soon I noticed big and positive improvements in the healing process of my muscles and I was able to workout more often and regularly because of the decrease of muscle pains. YAY!

Unfortunately though, like any other steady ‘relationship’ there appeared to be something that I wasn’t really happy about. Throughout time I got more and more stomach problems and an ever lasting bloated belly which made me look like I was working out for a pie eating contest instead of slimming down a couple of sizes.

It took me a few hours of research on the internet to understand that the physical problems I got were most likely caused by using protein shakes. And soon it became clear that due to the fact I am lactose intolerant I got most of the problems. As a lot of brands are promising to sell pure whey protein they still have added E-numbers, artificial sugar and preservatives into the products they sell.

In this article I will help you out a bit by introducing you #fitgirls to a new kind of a plant based protein. It’s a pretty good solution for people who are lactose intolerant or rather use plant based protein.

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