Enjoy Natural is a new and innovative brand in the field of offering protein shakes. They distinguish themselves from other competitors by their social economical approach (Naturally from Africa) and providing sustainable plant based proteins. Enjoy Natural allows African farmers to produce these products for a fair price and sharing the profit they make out of selling their products. Enjoy Natural also engages in sustainable harvesting of the plants and processing. This way they want to contribute to the economic development in Africa. They offer three different plant based blends which contain ‘biologic powerfoods’ as Moringa, Baobab and Cacao and are free of additive sugars, e-numbers, gluten and are ‘non GMO’.


From now on I will start taking these plant based protein shakes daily and share my experiences with you of this natural product. My main goal is to feel less bloated, have less stomach cramps while still having the positive effects of taking protein shakes. In addition, you are also supporting a social purpose by giving the economy in Africa a chance and let local farmers harvest in a fair and dignified manner.




So what kind of proteins are you using to maintain healthy and strong muscles? Do you have any advice, tips or questions regarding protein intake? Or having troubles implementing proteins in your daily diet? Stay tuned as I will post delicious protein based recipes soon!

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