This is where I introduced myself to yoga. My body was asking for a good stretch so I downloaded a beginner yoga app. I remember doing all kinds of poses which I knew nothing about. After a few minutes my boyfriend joined me on the crowded living room floor and started doing these poses with me. With no idea of what was coming next, we found ourselves lying on the floor in Savasana and feeling super relaxed. The feeling after this practice was something I had never felt before. With the crazy schedule and student life that I had, I started running less and doing more yoga. I started reading articles online and watching Youtube videos and tutorials about yoga asanas(poses) and sequences.


After a few months of self practice, I wanted to know more about yoga so I went to this cute yoga studio that had just opened down the street. This was something new for me, stepping outside of my comfort zone and taking my self-practice to a real yoga studio. It was amazing. I learned new poses and got the real student-teacher experience…


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