After a few Ashtanga classes where I learned the basic asanas and sequence, I continued with my self-practice. After a few months of yoga my body was feeling so different (in a very positive way of course)! I would practice every chance I got, 15-60 minutes, almost every day. My body felt great. I started noticing muscle definition and felt stronger by the day. What kept me going, and inspired me the most, was how fast my body responded to yoga. I would try going into a new pose and falling out of it for days. But by practising daily, my body learned so fast that before I knew it, I was balancing on my head in a headstand.


Yoga changed my life and gave me a way of  connecting with myself throughout my busy life. I got inspired by the lovely yogi’s of the yoga community on Instagram sharing their stories and practices.

I would love to inspire others the way they inspired me. I’ll be writing about my balanced lifestyle and hope to inspire you girls, so that one day you roll out your mat, take a few deep breaths and start from there.

Namaste, Liberty



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