TYNKE (@10ke)

” I have a new favourite sunnamedport! It is founded by NatuurlijkSportief! 😉 I was a runner before, but because of an injury I exchanged the forest for the gym. I didn’t expect it, but I found out that the groups lessons in the gym  are really good FUN 😀 Last year I slowly started to run again on the treadmill, afraid to get injured again. But it’s by far not the same as running outside in the forest as I did before. So when I heard about the #FITGIRLCODE contest I thought YES, I need to go and play outside. And that’s exactly what NatuurlijkSportief does! They play outside in the forest with everything they can find. Trees, sticks, rocks, mud and each other. And that’s what I enjoyed the most. This is not training next to each other as we do in gym, this is training with each other. You really need each other to carry around or to battle with. I never would have expected to climb a tree or even to climb a hill with another Fit Girl on my back. This is nature, sports, fun, awesomeness and meeting other Fit Girls in one work out. I can’t wait for NatuurlijkSportief to accommodate workouts in my hometown. We have a lot of nature to explore out there!” 

LISANNE (@Lisanne_fgc)

photo 5 When I heard we had the change to workout with Natuurlijk Sportief, I immediatly asked if I could join. I love the outdoors and thought it would be nice to do a workout in nature. I love how Nick and Teun use their environment and think of an excercise to go with every tree, field or hill. My favorite part was when we had to run up a hill with a Fit Girl on our back. It felt awesome when I reached the top with Fit Girl Tizi! Although I had a bad cold that day I really enjoyed the workout to the fullest and look forward to workout with Natuurlijk Sportief again! 


STEPHANIE (@Stephanie_fgc)

photo 4“When we received the invite of NatuurlijkSportief to train with them… it was me holding up both hands in the air, shouting:  pick me, pick me! 😉 I always enjoyed training outside and this seems like a lot of FUN! AND IT WAS! We laughed, battled, supported and lifted each other up hills and trees, showed that us Fit Girls are not made out of sugar and didn’t mind getting dirty in the mud! 😀 Nick and Teun introduced us in their limitless world of working out outdoors and using the nature / forest as their playground! Afterwords I couldn’t stop smiling and felt wonderful the rest of my day! 😀 😀

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