2014 had lots of great little moments. From sunny holidays and getting to know #FITGIRLCODE, to starting a second bachelor’s. If I really have to choose one moment, I would go for celebrating Kingsday with one of my best friends, Carmen. We went to a festival in Amsterdam, great music, good atmosphere. It was amazing. The fact that we were very hungover from the night before and were not able to consume any alcohol didn’t even matter. Best day!

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It was a crazy year for me, however with a lot of awesomeness. I discovered #FITGIRLCODE, became a BodyCombat instructor, graduated from my bachelor’s, got an internship at the greatest company in the world.. 2014 also had some rough patches, but I feel strong and I’m doing all the things I love right now. I’m very excited about 2015, there are so many opportunities and I can’t wait to start!



This year was simply fantastic! I joined the #FITGIRLCODE crew, I traveled a lot (Spain, Japan, Cuba, USA, Bahama’s, Austria…),I moved in with my boyfriend, I visited a couple of AMAZING parties, and I worked my ass of being a medical doctor. But most of all: I made more choices that were best for ME. I learned to trust my instincts and follow my  heart. I learned how to say “no” (so difficult!). I spent more time with the people I love (you know who you are!). This made 2014 simply unforgettable! Happy New Year!

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