Gosh… 2014.. Roller coaster year. I moved in with my boyfriend, met the Fit Girls and joined #FITGIRLCODE, graduated with a bachelor’s degree, worked on many movie projects, went from 5km to 15km runnings and lived a full month in Paris for work. Many moments of joy, happiness and togetherness. One of the many favorite moments was the Nike Paris 10k Run. Nike invited me to join, because I was in paris.  It was the most amazing weekend ever! All the pampering, partying,  meetings with inspiring Nike people like Carl Lewis and Ellie Goulding and the run itself where I set a new PB of 45 min

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So much has happened this year, my boyfriend moved in and I made the decision to start working as a freelancer. I love guiding this amazing group of Fit Girls and all the incredible people that work on #FITGIRLCODE and Jogha and having the chance to create my own job is the best. For real! The thing I am most proud of was I decided to quit my previous job to do something that really mattered. I started doing volunteer work and began mentoring a 13 year old boy, he’s simply awesome and makes me so proud!



We’re ready to take on the new year! We have on our badass outfits with our badass mentality and will take on whatever comes our way. The coming month it’s all about reinventing yourself, physically and spiritually, so we hope to motivate and inspire you with all our articles coming up! And we want to wish you a happy new year. We hope you have an amazing year filled with success, love and amazing happenings!

So now Fit Girls, we want to know what your favorite moment of 2014 was!


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