Grocery list
As soon as you have found time to sit down, start writing your list. Picture yourself what you will serve for breakfast, lunch and dinner and keep it simple and healthy. We talk snacks later.

Try to serve your child something different every day. For example a fruit and/or veg smoothie for breakfast on day 1. Add some oatmeal, nuts or muesli for some more oumph. On day 2 oatmeal porridge with cinnamon and optional fruit bits or cacao nibs for topping. And on day 3 eggs to their liking – scrambled or poached are usually favourites and fun when dipping strips of toast in a medium cooked egg! Use the best quality eggs by the way.
I personally prefer serving and eating breakfast without any added sugar or the least added. If you would like to know why, I suggest you to read a little more about what added sugar does to our kids brains, blood level and immune system – and not only theirs!

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