Review Part 2

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“The good thing, no let me correct, the best thing about the BBG is that it works. I think for almost every woman with every body type this program will challenge you both on a physical and emotional level but the results will be worth it. The biggest reward is the noticeable physical progress you will see when you look in a mirror, take an ab-check selfie or when you step on a scale. You will see and feel your body changing. That is why Kayla emphasizes the importance of taking weekly progress shots so you can compare yourself and stay motivated by the change you see.”

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2. Emma’s review

Emma is a 28 years old British female who lives in Australia. She started the Bikini Body Guide July 2014 as she had a running injury and could not run over 2k without struggling.

“This frustrated me so I wanted to see what else I could do. I had recently joined Instagram and was following a few fitness pages and copying there moves but needed solid routines. I found Kayla and really liked the way she looked so I thought I would try the guide. For me the Bikini Body Guide has helped give me an exercise routine. It gives me a workout for every area and I do not have to think as it is all laid out for me. I can run and walk and add in other things. ”

Check out her entire review here.

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Remember: summer bodies are made in winter!

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