Ok I think the schedule already speaks for itself, but here’s my explanation. In the first line you see the week days. Since I plan my workouts from Saturday-Saturday I started this day. Then you see the description of my workout. Then you see the colors, this is the most important part. These colors show how I felt in weakness, tiredness and muscle soreness.

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Green: feeling good, could workout the next day
Orange: feeling ok, but slightly tired and sore
Red: highly sore muscles, feeling tired, muscle weakness

visual eind november 2These colors make visual if you’re still on the right track. When you end up in red, you should definitely take a rest day! Besides that I created intensive weeks and low-intensive weeks. Week 1 and 3 are low-intensive, week 2 is high-intensive. By creating this structure, your body gets more time to recover in the low-intensive weeks, so you can give everything you got in the high-intensive week. This is especially very useful when you’re a competitive athlete. For example for me as a figure skater, it doesn’t work to plan my workouts by muscle group (like body builders do), because figure skating is all about co-ordination and big movement chains. Another way to regulate the intensity is to switch between aerobic (cardio/LISS) and anaerobic (strength/HIIT) training sessions.


visual blog eind november 3In this low-high-low intensity schedule, my muscles still get time to recover from the workouts and the high intensity weeks help me to develop more strength. I tried this kind of schedule for about a month now and until now it really feels so good! When it takes you more discipline to take a rest day than to workout and you want to prevent that you get overtrained, then this schedule is the way to go! So get on your kicks, create a schedule and go! When you know you’re good but can always be better, right? ☺







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