The second meal was something I make more often : chicken with sweet potato out of the oven, only this time I served it with naan-bread and some fresh yoghurt. Something simple with a little twist.

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The thing I like about HelloFresh is that they’re introducing healthy eating in a fun way. Even in the original box one of the three dishes was a vegetarian dish. Most people think that eating a vegetarian meal is boring, but this is not true. We should all become more aware of what we are fuelling our bodies with and try to eat more unprocessed foods.

The third meal that I tried was at my friends house. I just grabbed my bag and filled it with all the ingredients that were left and biked over to her place. The dish was orzo with green beens, fennel, oregano and grana padano. And to be honest… these two caribbean girls never cooked with fennel before, so we were really curious about the flavours and started cooking right away. This vegetarian dish turned out super delicious and we both were really surprised. It was so good that I even had it for dinner last night.

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