The second box 

My first experience with HelloFresh was so good that I immediately wanted to try another box. On their website you can find lots of HelloFresh healthy recipes and see what will be in the boxes next week. You can easily pause your account and order whenever you want.

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The first dish from the second box was simple (salmon with oven grilled veggies) but yet again with a twist. The potatoes were covered in a almond-dukkah rub that gave them a crunchy texture (crunchy potatoes are the best!).

The second dish consisted of Thai- burgers, salad and noodles, so a complete Thai inspired meal. Different and easy to make. The third and final dish is a vegetable soup, made with vegetables that I never cooked before so that’s going to be fun again!

My experience with HelloFresh

I really enjoyed the two boxes and had a good experience with HelloFresh. I’m always willing to try out something new and this is exactly what HelloFresh gave me. I can recommend it to everyone. Its great for students, healthy foodies and even experienced cooks like me. Just give it a try and bring a little fun and variety into your kitchen!

Let me know if you want to give it a try and feel free to ask me anything.





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