As you can read, learning new elements in figure skating is a very slow process and when you only focus on the results, figure skating probably could be one of the most frustrating sports on earth. In this case, figure skating really taught me to enjoy the process rather than only focusing on the results. And when you’re able to enjoy the process, the journey becomes so much more fun!

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Figure skating also taught me to believe in myself. It’s such a mind game! Let’s take the jumps: before you jump you have to stand on the correct side of the blade, your arms should be in position and your body needs to be in a straight line. Just something as simple as a wrong position of the arms or bad timing an already make you do your jump wrong. So imagine what happens if you think in a split second before you jump: “oh no, I can’t do this”?

This means that you actually HAVE TO believe in yourself. You have to tell yourself over and over again “I can do this, I know I can”. And when you actually start to believe in yourself, you will find that you’re capable of way more than you have ever imagined!

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