That’s one of the things I love about figure skating. Every time you are on the ice, you are overcoming yourself. These mindset techniques made me grow, not only as a skater, but also as a person. I learned to push myself and motivate myself at the ice rink, but nowadays I’m also using these techniques in my professional and personal life. It’s empowering me in so many aspects of life!

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For me, figure skating is the sport that helps me to develop myself and to get out the best of me.  And if you ask me, I think every fitgirl should try to find a sport that fits her. For all the reasons I wrote in this post, I think doing a sport really enriches your life! When you found yourself a sport you like, you will notice it will help you to become stronger, both mentally and physically.

Doing a sport you love will help you to become the best version of yourself!

I hope my story inspires you to take action and release your inner fitgirl. If you want to see more fitspiration, figure skating videos and photos, follow me on Instagram!




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