Not every sport you like will like you back. It’s important to listen to your body. My osteopath told me yoga isn’t the best thing for me to do, because of my hypermobility. My body is too flexible and for me, it’s better not to stretch too much or try to make my muscles leaner. I benefit more from lifting weights, because
my muscles get tighter and hold my flexible limbs together. A friend of mine has a problem with her knees, so running on the concrete roads of the city isn’t good for her. If you have any injuries or pains, be sure to talk to your doctor or physical therapist about what your plans are and if that’s the best choice for you.

If you are overweight, not every sport will be easy to start with. You could think about starting your fit journey in the water. Besides swimming, you could also try a lesson of aquarobics, aquajogging or hydrospinning (yes, spinning bicycles in the water!). Most swimming pools offer a variety of aqua-activities. It’s really fun, you don’t feel hot and sweaty, and time really flies by. I know a swimsuit is not the easiest thing to put on if you are conscious about your body, but don’t worry, you’ll be under water the entire time. Plus, I’ve seen so many different people there: young and old, in every shape and size, it really doesn’t matter. It’s an easy way to lose the first pounds: in the water you use all of your muscles because you have to constantly stabilize yourself. And you come home showered and clean, ready to start your day or head to bed. But even high intensity training can be good for you: just keep in mind at first you must scale every exercise to your potential.

After a while it gets easier to go and there’s a chance you’ll get addicted to working out! For me, it’s still a bit of a ‘task’ sometimes, and last week I even cried on the ride to my Crossfit box because I really didn’t feel like going. It’s not always easy to motivate yourself and sometimes being a Fit Girl just sucks. But every single time I do go, I get that high while pushing myself to my limits. And afterwards I feel so great and really happy that I went. Of course, it also helps you start seeing changes in your body after only a few weeks! This, plus being proud of yourself that you do your best, keeps you motivated. Trust me.

So go out and try some new things and surprise yourself with what you can do!

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