Why incorporate the pull up in your weekly workout schedule?
Well because of the following benefits:

  1. Convenience: you can do pull ups almost everywhere. All you need is a bar and your own body 🙂
  2. Targeting multiple muscle groups: They do a great job targeting the back and biceps
  3. Easily increasing intensity to your workout: you can variate with this by attaching some weights to your ankle, or strapping a weight plate on your waist.
  4. Many variations: There isn’t just one pull up: getting bored isn’t an option 🙂
  5. Grip strength: Strengthening your grip is what pull ups are good for. You’ll notice this in relation to your deadlifts and kettlebell swings!! Pay extra attention to this (improvement) during your pull up journey :-).


Hopefully you’re inspired to pull up and go #beastmode on this move. I’d like to see how you’re incorporating this in your workout regimen. Hit me up on @iris_fitgirl to share your improvement.

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