Hide Your Phone

Nothing very technical or fancy but really helpful! I realized that the moments that I mostly end up looking at my phone are when I just wake up and go to sleep. Also, when I am working on the computer or watching TV. A good solution can be of charging your phone far away from your bed so it’s not the first thing you see when you get to bed or wake up. Also, it is very unhealthy to be sleeping next to your charging phone! Continuing this further, another solution could be of just leaving your phone a few meters away from you when working or enjoying a nice movie with friends and family.


Turning off your Internet

If people need to call and sms they can always reach you, but turning off your internet can give you the time to think about other things and disconnect. I recommend this when traveling, it is really nice to not have internet all day long and just focus on the moment and the fun activities your doing!


Get a quitting tool!

I found this amazing application that is helping me break free from my phone called Break Free :P.

With this free app I can disable some or all notifications and schedule specific blocks of time to disable sounds and internet use. This can be helpful for example when you want to go for a run or just focus on studying. Moreover, you can see a precise dashboard with all your statistics; from the time you spent on each application to how many times you unlocked your phone per day. Furthermore, you get screen saver encouraging you to not give in the temptation and go on your phone for no good reason. If you give it a try share your experience and keep me updated!


Fit Girls it’s holiday time! The time to rest, enjoy, party, spend quality time with friends and family and live in the moment! Don’t let your phone take that away from you!


Good luck 🙂

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