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What kept me going —

image3I think one of the main things that Kayla posts about that has really held true is that “motivation gets you started, habit keeps you going”. I have never been the type of person to turn down a piece of cake, nor do I think that this is necessary all of the time. But I promise you, things that you know will hinder your progress will soon seem unattractive to you, especially when you start seeing what your body is capable of. One thing that really made me continue was the perfect balance of structure that the guide provided me with. On Mondays, I worked out, same with Wednesdays and Fridays, it just happened. After a while it gets easy, I promise you if you keep yourself going for about four/five weeks, you won’t even know the difference. This is what really pulled through for me with my injury: I knew that I could continue with the plan, just not as rigorously, so that’s exactly what I did, habit made me do it.


There were DEFINITELY difficulties and things I liked less about my time using the guide and I want to be completely honest with you so here are a couple:

  • It IS hard maintaining a completely clean diet alongside social events and partying. Not necessarily the BBG, but general getting fit does require a lot of willpower, which I definitely did not always have. I think the only way to sort this out is by doing everything in moderation, and by giving yourself allowances in advance. For example, if you know that you’ve got a girls night on Saturday and this time that having a good time is more important to you than a bit more progress, in this case I’d let loose and eat and drink what I wanted because I knew I wouldn’t regret it.
  • It is hard not to get obsessive. There are days when I eat an enormous amount of awful foods and I actually feel horrible. This is when I want to spend a day in the gym to make up for it. I don’t think this is in any way the right thing for me as I wouldn’t want fitness to take over my whole life in a negative way. So when this happens, I usually try to stick to my usual schedule and just eat well, and the day after that I will at least feel a little better. This also assures that I don’t feel bad EVERY time I treat myself, and I think that is more important than compensating for every tiny thing you do that doesn’t comply with your goals. I feel this would be especially important in the case of people who follow the nutrition guide. I didn’t follow this just because I find it easier to work with what I have and listen to my body in terms of what I eat. Make sure that if you are following the H.E.L.P guide that if you get a few meals wrong even in a row, that’s okay and you’re probably doing a lot better than you think! Even if you’ve gone completely off track, you can only get better by continuing to try. It is much more important to listen to your body than to follow a set of sometimes hard to achieve rules.

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