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Tips & recommendations

  • image4Work out what works for you: I found that if I told myself I had to do 3 resistance sessions, 2 LISS and 2 HIIT in one week, I was much more likely to do none at all than if I made a smaller, more achievable goals. Another thing is that for me, making myself restart a circuit 3 times was too hard, so as I got better I preferred doing 14 minutes of one circuit and then 14 of the other.
  • Everything in moderation! I am a big, big eater, so eating clean all the time again would probably just cause me to binge. As you eat better, you stop craving unhealthy foods, but if I want a piece of cake, I will have that piece of cake.
  • Create a routine: I for one easily go off track. If I do one thing wrong then everything starts going wrong because well it might as well if I’ve already messed up. I can tell you now that this is just not true. Even if your cheat meal has turned into a cheat week or even month, resort to structure. I find that if I’ve been indulging quite a bit, the best thing isn’t to go crazy trying to work it all off, but instead to stick to my normal routine. I’ll get up, do whatever I would have done anyway that day, and try to keep everything as normal as possible until my urges go away.
  • Progress is slow: I know that the amazing photos on Kayla’s Instagram are almost bewildering at times, and it’s hard to keep motivated for a long time. But please, KEEP GOING, it is so worth it.

Remember that, after everything, those 12 weeks are going to pass whether you’re doing BBG or not. Make them count! 

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