Meal 1: Vegetables with old cheese on flatbread 


I had a really long day at work and was still a bit tired from the weekend, so this was the perfect recipe. Cut veggies, put them on a flatbread with tomato-sauce, cover it with delicious cheese and slide them in the oven. I liked the short time it took to prepare this and it only took a couple of minutes waiting for everything to be grilled and melted.
I’m a big fan of old cheese, and the veggies tasted great. I just never liked the taste of the little canned tomato-mash, which I had to use in this recipe, so that’s what I would have liked different. Maybe it should have been the tomato-passata used in recipe 3 instead, because I had plenty of that left. I thought that tasted way better and fresher!
And I have to say, I was a bit disappointed when I saw sugar in the ingredients list of the flatbread. As a Fit Girl, I don’t like it when they add sugar in products where you wouldn’t really expect it. I would have liked the recipe more if it were a bit more healthy: whole wheat wraps in stead of this white flatbread for example. But besides that it was tasty and it also tasted great as a cold lunch the next day ;)!

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