Meal 2: Lasagna with provolone cheese and pine nuts



This was my favorite meal! Italian food is one of the loves of my life. I could eat pasta everyday, and I think you can never have to much Parmesan on it. If someone ever tries to tell you you put too much Parmesan on your pasta, stop talking to them, you don’t need that kind of negativity in your life ;).
Anyway: this dish was SUPER yummie. I followed the recipe exactly. The soft, off-white Provolone cheese was new to me and tasted great. I also liked the pine nuts grilled on top. Mine were burned a bit, but that was my own fault 😉 I can never get that right. The red hot chili pepper made the lasagna unique and spicy. This was enough for 4 people if you just added a little bit of tomatoes and salad with balsamic vinegar. I didn’t, because I can eat for two if something tastes as good as this beauty! 😉 I will definitely make this more often.

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