Meal 3: Couscous with grilled vegetables, chickpeas and feta

I loved all the different vegetables and the fact the couscous was whole wheat. It tasted delicious and it was plenty! Very easy to make, but because of the combination of the pre-grilled vegetables in oil and the fresh vegetables you had to wok yourself, it tasted really rich.
The only thing I would have liked is a bit more of the grilled vegetables. And I added a little extra feta, but hey, I am an extreme cheese-lover ;). The balsamic vinegar made it fresh and very new! I never tried that in combination with couscous, but it is an absolute must try. We chose to use a Moroccan table cloth and glasses, to make the feel of this dinner like we were on vacation. The next day I took the leftovers with me and had a delicious and healthy lunch. I thought this would be the least of the three recipes, but I really loved it. The feta was super fresh, even after a couple of days it still tasted great. The quality of the vegetables, cheeses and other ingredients was superb.
Overall I think this is an excellent idea for people who want to eat fresh and healthy, but work long days and don’t feel like doing groceries everyday. It’s nice not to have to think about what you want to eat and then go to the supermarket while you’re hungry and buy everything you feel like. Or get an expensive, unhealthy takeout meal. Instead of that you just go home and in half an hour your plates are filled with great food!
What I also liked about the recipes, is that they gave me a lot of ideas and inspiration for other meals. And I really can’t wait to see what’s in the next box I get! It’s awesome to try new things.
You can order a try-out box and see for yourself how handy this is! Or subscribe right away and try it a couple of weeks. I bet you’ll enjoy it. You can pause the membership whenever you want to, for example if you leave for a holiday.
Have fun cooking!

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