Ahhhhh, the dreaded Chin Up. When I hear the word chin up, I instantly have nightmares of my 5th grade gym assessment. It was then that I discovered that the chin up and I were NOT going to have a great relationship. I struggled as I attempted to lift up even an inch off the ground. I failed the chin up portion of the assessment and after that… through all of middle school, high school, AND college, I never seemed to conquer that damn bar! UNTIL NOW! 

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24well_pullup-tmagArticle Thanks to the fabulous chicks over at Women’s Health, they developed a 6 week training plan to help us ladies with the chin-up. When I first saw this plan, I was excited because it seemed like the perfect way to crush my chin-up complex. The training plan is broken down in 2 sections: 1-3 weeks and 4-6 weeks. Here are the directions for 1-3 weeks:

We will be doing this section 3 times a week, in the START of our normal workouts. We want to do this in the start of the workout because we will feel out strongest.

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