Marathon training takes a lot of heart. It also takes tons of time. We commit ourselves to a race at least 16 weeks out and then spend an hour or more each weekday and sometimes three to four hours on weekends. So after the big day comes and goes, there are a lot of gaps in your schedule! We can get wallow in our free tine or we can make the most of it. Here are my tips for fighting off the post marathon blues…

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Give Yourself a Break
You just ran 26.2 miles! You need a rest. Make sure you give your mind and body ample time off. This is the time to hit the snooze button. A rule of thumb, take one day off for every mile you ran. Rest means different things for everyone, so make sure you listen to your body.

IMG_9429Try New Workouts
While training for a race you tend to be very conservative. Trying new workouts may be a recipe for pulling a muscle, or some unexpected soreness that can hinder one of your key runs. After training, you the fitness world opens up. Use this time to experiment with other types of workouts that can make you a stronger and better-rounded runner and athlete. Some of my favorites off season workouts include spinning, weight training, yoga.



Get Cocktails with Friends
Marathon training puts you on a strict regime. Rarely we skip a run for a last minute invitation out for drinks with the girls. So now is the time to check in with our non-runner friends who may have been neglected during training season. Use this time to thank your friends for being so supportive while you were attacking the track after work instead of happy hour. It’s important to reestablish these relationships and let your friends know you couldn’t have gotten to the finish line without them.


Goal Dig
This is the perfect time to become a goaldigger. You can look forward and choose a new race, or you can reset completely. Do you want a stronger core? Or to cut time off your next half marathon? This is the perfect time to choose what your next goal is and find training plans that align alongside it.

What are some of your post marathon rituals? Tweet me!

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