Take it to the test
A warm welcome, followed with a tour gave us some insight and taste of the atmosphere. We were pleasantly surprised and impressed while we were showed all the facilities. While explaining the equipment and machinery it showed that Jim really knows what he’s talking about. Not that we had any doubt about his expertise but I personally find it very comforting as this makes talking and learning more about fitness so much easier.  I also loved to hear how passionated he talked about having his dream come true, since starting THE FITNESS STUDIO, after many years of being an instructor and a personal trainer and about how working with others on their goals inspires him on a daily basis. And in the process of all that he didn’t forget to ask about my goals, in regard to determine if training at THE FITNESS STUDIO could contribute to that.  He topped the whole experience off by offering to show and help Ily and me with some exercises that we have some troubles with, like overhead presses and some that were new to us, like front and overhead squats. While doing so, he also showed us how to get better results while focussing more on technique and form altogether. And after this nice endeavor we started to think of new goals that we will keep you all posted about right here on #FITGIRLCODE.


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