We want to be lean and strong, and body weight training is ideal for building this type of shape. Doing a basic squat might be more beneficial than a leg press on a machine since it not only works your upper legs but also requires balance and engagement from your toes to your core. If you can, trade in a couple of your equipment-heavy workouts for some high-energy body weight exercises outdoors. There are no machines in the park!

The less controlled environment of an outdoor workout compared to the gym results in the need to use more energy to complete the same exercise, distance, or speed and thus to burn more calories and build up more of a sweat. So if you have the choice and want to make your workout more effective, lace up and head outside!

Mental benefits of exercising outdoors

Perhaps the best reason to go work out outside is because you are likely to experience higher vitality, enthusiasm, pleasure, self-esteem, energy levels, and satisfaction than if you regularly exercise indoors. Oh baby! An obvious and important reason for this, in addition to the physical benefits, is your exposure to the sun and to fresh air. Vitamin D is crucial to keeping your energy level and mood up, especially during the winter. Just 20 minutes of outdoor exercise per day can significantly lower levels of tension, depression, and anger.

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