So you’ve met two girls of the Dutch Volleyball and we’re not done yet! Today we want to introduce you to Myrthe! We sat down with her for a one-on-one and asked her everything…Well not everything 😉

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1. Why do you like writing for #FITGIRLCODE

As athletes we always have our minds set on living healthy, because in sport the smallest things can make the difference. That’s why I got more and more interested in healthy eating and supplements. Over the years, you find out what works best for your body. We as a team go through life as real Fit Girls, and now being called a #FITGIRLCODE Ambassador is a real compliment.

2. How did your volleyball adventure start?

My volleyball adventure started when I was 12. My sister (7 years older) was a real role model to me. I wanted everything she had or did. I secretly had a crush on the boyfriend she had at the time and he was really into volleyball. So I figured there was only one thing I could do to impress him: play volleyball. Although it never impressed him, it was the beginning of my volleyball adventure.

 3. When did you decide you wanted to do top class sport?

There was not a precise moment I decided to start practicing top class sport; I kinda rolled into it. When I started volleyball I picked it up pretty fast and soon I got invited to participate in selections (a real honour). From there I moved on to the Dutch Junior Youth team, where I learned a lot about top class sport. I liked it, so I kept going forward. For me, it was not really a conscious choice to start top class sport, but during this period of my career, I did see a lot of great talents my age quit volleyball.

4. How do you combine your sport career with a ‘normal’ social life?

I find it pretty hard to combine my social life with my sport career. I am so busy and making plans is difficult because we often get our training program on short notice. I often miss out on birthdays or holidays because I spend a lot of time abroad or at training intern at Papendal. Fortunately I’ll have loads of time after my sport career to catch up on this, and in the meantime I can Skype, FaceTime, Whatsapp etc. Thank God for technology 😉


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