I believe in SUPERHEROES
That being said, I think it’s clear that everything that has to do with working out and really feeling that you are alive makes me want to get up, move and get things done. Life has shown me that being healthy isn’t something you should take for granted and as long as I can control that part of life I see it as a obligation to just do so.

Coming from a family where I was thaught to be a strong individual mentally, must also have something to do with the fact that I became so physically as well. The latter I accomplished by just picking up heavy stuff a.k.a. lifting weights like it’s nobody’s business and by believing in myself. At the same time trying to set an example for my environment and being surrounded by people who let me be their superhero.




798ae3cdee7cea5ee0d4dd153481bd88Partner in Crime
I love to work out on my own but get inspired and get serious #DAMAGE done with that special someone that motivates me to be the best version of myself. For me that’s  I-L-Y, a.ka. @ily_fitgirl, my sister, partner in crime and workoutbuddy.  I have mad respect for her. Knowing that what she has accomplished on her personal fit journey didn’t come easy. Seeing how she picked herself up and made big changes happen makes me proud and the fact that she allowed me to reach out to her and be a part of all of that, even more.


Sharing = Caring
On #FITGIRLCODE  I’ll share with you articles about kickboxing, heavy lifting, vegetarian food and how I get through all my workouts with 3 Lbs of natural long locked up hair 🙂 With my blogs I’d like to inspire you to be your own superhero,  for yourself and in favor of others. I believe that we girls are on a fit journey together and by joining forces we can make a lot of good things happen, reach some serious goals, have #FUN, #SWEAT, enlighten eachother share #KNOWLEDGE about living a #HEALTHY lifestyle and keep#FIT!

I am excited to experience all this and more, by diving in to this online adventure and hope to connect with you all. If you have any questions you can find me on Instagram >@iris_fitgirl or send an e-mail to irisfitgirl@gmail.com

Holla @  a girl,


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