Winter season is definitely not my most favorite (active) season. Sorry for all you winter lovers ;-). Waking up in the morning when it feels like midnight, driving to work when it’s still dark and then dark again when I’m done working. My happy, sunshine character turns into a lazy, couch hugging kind of type. But thank God I’m a bootcamp and group fitness instructor who will not give up so easily. People are counting on me, waiting for a big dose of energy so they feel powerful and good about themselves afterwards. That thought alone makes my day and brings the energy back in no time. So here’s some motivation that will help you through that dark, rainy, cold winter time…

When you work in an office just like me, you barely see any daylight and that can have an impact on your mood. So that’s why you should go outside after work for a workout (run, cycle or bootcamp training). I know, it’s hard to put on your sporty outfit when you’ve already warmed up at home, but it’s worth it! Working out when it’s cold or rainy is perfect for a sexy glow on your skin and great remedy for that small winter depression.


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