#tip 4 No slouching!
If you like what you see in the mirror, you’ll feel way more confident in everyday life. What I mean by slouching is skipping workouts and making up excuses not to live up to your goals. Discipline and persistency are essential, so don’t give in to procrastination.

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#tip 5 Stop saying “I can’t”
I’m really allergic to people who keep saying I can’t. There are so many people who prove differently. In my opinion you’re only allowed to say: ‘I can’t’, if you’ve tried everything in your power to prove yourself wrong. If you weren’t able to do it after all, you can still be proud of all the effort you put into it. A new adventure will come your way soon!

1390585_631257303582311_1988994142_nPS tip #6 Spread the love
There is nothing more important in the world than love, in any form whatsoever. Loving yourself, the people you are the closest to, but also your pets and the guy at the grocery store. Appreciate it, because you’ll only know how important it is until it’s gone.



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