At a certain point, it would be too heavy to finish your entire round within the minute. Erwin showed us how to adjust the scheme, if we hit that point. Also, he took some time to find everyone the right weights. There were some beginners, but also some  clearly experienced athletes: I think it’s great that we could all workout together!

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annaOkay! The correct techniques were shown by the trainers, and it was time to hit the clock. Twenty minutes of hardcore lifting! Each round got more intense, so after twenty minutes, Anna and I were completely dripping in sweat. It was fantastic! Our back and legs were burning like crazy. The group came together in a circle to stretch our muscles and we sipped vigorously from our water bottles. We survived!





reebok nano 40 whiteWe tried out these Reebok Nano 4.0 Crossfit shoes. How pretty are they? Have you seen all the colours on the website? These shoes gave me great support during the weightlifting, yet they feel super light! I would definately recommend the Nano’s if you’re serious about weightlifting.

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