erwin-van-beek1Afterwards, we sat down with Erwin van Beek to ask him everything we wanted to know about CrossFit. He’s a kind and muscular guy, who began CrossFitting in 2007, has a background in judo and Thai Boxing. He also has a lot of experience in training military and police personnel, so he knows a LOT about health and fitness.

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How did you start your CrossFit journey?

“I actually believe I already did CrossFitting, before it was even invented. Coming from a judo background, I was always looking for ways to incorporate functional weightlifting in my training schedule. For example, me and my friend would push my car as a part of training, or use ropes to climb in. CrossFit is all about dynamic lifting, so it’s practically the same style. I was introduced to CrossFit, when I worked in the US. I was immediately hooked.”

Why do you think CrossFit is so effective for women who want to get fit, strong and toned?

“At CrossFit, we don’t measure your BMI or your fat percentage. Our first priority is having fun and enjoying your heavy workout. If you just show up regularly, after three or four months you’ll look in the mirror and start noticing major differences! Everybody has different goals, when it comes to physical appearance. Some girls would like to get leaner, others would like to gain some curves or muscles. Our human body adjust itself to whatever the circumstances are, during the training. That is why thinly build women will mostly see differences in muscle mass; while fuller build women will mostly be leaning out! This is why CrossFit is suited for all women: Everyone will get fit and toned.

Which body parts are mostly trained at CrossFit?

“CrossFit is always a full body workout. We see the body as a whole. In a regular gym, you usually train different bodyparts seperately, while sitting down. Most CrossFit movements start from the core: meaning the abdomen, back and hips. We see a lot of beginners start here with very weak core mucles, while a strong core  is so important to prevent injuries. It’s not just about having great looking muscles! We incorporate endurance, weightlifting and gymnastic exercises in every exercise.”

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