It was time for a change
I wanted my life, family and friends back. I was so tired of being afraid. So I made a schedule, but this time it was one was to get fit, strong, happy and healthy: both mentally and physically. I had to start with small changes, so I started with an apple a day. I had to get used to the idea of eating fruit and sugars again. I had to teach myself that it wasn’t as scary as I made myself think it would be. After two weeks, I ate bananas, apples and nuts. I also made a promise that I wouldn’t say no to a party or an invitation to have lunch or diner — and that’s actually how I met my boyfriend. We were at the gym and he invited me to go to Bagels&Beans. I was so happy and afraid at the same time! I didn’t want to eat bread, but he was so cute and I couldn’t refuse. It was the first time I had eaten bread in 6 months and I’m still soooo happy that I did.

I started exercising again ( I quit for a little while ) and choose bodybalance, yoga or just a lightweight training program. Before I knew it, I ate whole oats, beans, quinoa and chickpeas because these seemed like the less scary carbs to consume. Step by step I gained my life, courage and self-esteem back, together with my appetite for all the good stuff in life (like my fresh french baguette, sushi and chocolate :D).


Our Ambassador, Guy, inspired me to tell this story. He’s so right about the fact that eating disorders are so common these days. I wanted to share my story because I am still struggling with questions like: what is clean eating? What is healthy? Is healthy also unhealthy? How do I listen to my body? I thought there might be more girls in our #FITGIRLCODE community who have the same questions.

Through this experience, I learned to not forbid myself from any kinds of food, but to balance my intake. I also stopped looking at apps and calculators because machines can never ever know how you feel and what you need. Everybody is different, and sometimes I want a salad with chicken, other times it will be banana bread, and if I need my after-party cure I will get that döner kebab to recover. I am so happy and grateful that I can enjoy all the good things in life again! 🙂

Love for food, life, sports and togetherness have made me as strong and happy as I am now.

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