Nike is known for organizing awesome sports events! In light of the Woman’s World Cup of football, Nike gave all Fit Girls the opportunity to train like a footballer, how cool is that? What do you do when you hear about a sporty get togethers like this as a Fit Girl? You reserve a spot and join in on all the fun! This is exactly what Fit Girls Nadine, Lisanne, Liberty and I did! Now I hear you thinking ‘Pics or it didn’t happen!’ Well your wish is my command, enjoy this full photo report: of the Train to Play N+TC workout organized by Nike!

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The event took place in Amsterdam, in the Amsterdam Arena to be precise. While we got there and headed to the main entrance to head into the arena we all got a very awesome t-shirt!


Liberty is wearing the shirt we got in the photo above! ‘We sweat while you sleep’ seemed to accurately describe what we we’re doing there!


There was lots of planking going on! Doesn’t it look amazing?! Seeing all those Fit Girls working hard while having fun!

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