Being the loviest Mini-me you can think of, my baby boy couldn’t sit back in his stroller and just watch. Just as his mommy, he likes to get in the game! So every time we stopped for an exercise, he would get out and squat/lunge/push-up with me.

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But running with the Bugaboo Runner for us was the best part, just as for the other kids. I loved hearing him giggle as we ran across the park, his soft hairs flying up from the wind in his face. I can’t wait to go out and run together again, and so can’t he.


After the work-out, Laurianne was waiting for us with a delicious and healthy lunch. Although the kids didn’t get the way the pancakes had been served. ‘Where’s the sugar?’ they all asked. Ha, tradition is a b… It didn’t matter, as Laurianne made my boy drink his daily portion of veggies by serving up a wonderful green smoothie.

The sugar came afterwards: not only were we spoilt rotten with a lovely goodie bag and getting the Bugaboo Runner for keeps, but above all it was a perfect mother and son quality time moment. And that moms, is priceless.

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