Me and Anna (@annageertje_fitgirlcode) decided to stay together through the race, as we had the same running pace. We wanted to run the first 3 kilometers in an easy pace. I think starting too fast is one of the most common running errors people made. Or so I’ve read, since it was my very first race! Haha!

We were up to a good start, with a pace around 5:40. Perfect! After about 3 or 4 kilometers, we reached the Vondelpark. Time to start enjoying our race. The park looked beautiful in the dark. There were a LOT of people cheering us on! It was crazy! People brought confetti, horns, signs and a lot of positive energy!

Lots of happy girls running through the Rijksmuseum Tunnel

Then, the tunnel of the Rijksmuseum. <3
Wow. Just wow. This was something special. I literally got goose bumps all over my body. The entire tunnel was filled with people cheering and smiling. There even was a choir, singing classical songs! I remember putting my hands up in the air and absorbing the positive energy. WOW! No matter what my time will be, I’ll remember this race forever!

On the halfway point, we crossed a lot of small bridges over the canals of Amsterdam. This is of course what Amsterdam is famous for. Those bridges were tough! The course was pretty narrow at some points, and we had to climb up and down the bridges. I immediately noticed that I had to catch my breath.

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