Anna was still on my side. We barely spoke with each other, as we both liked to concentrate on our breathing. But having her on my side (she is definitely the better runner of the two of us), really empowered me to give it my all. During the race, we ran into Lisa (@lisacoconut) and Ily(@ily_fitgirl). They were both SO focused, that I’m not even sure they saw us!

Going back into the Vondelpark. It was getting pitch dark! We grabbed a cup of water, but drinking while running is a skill I haven’t mastered yet. I splashed the water all over my face. A nice refreshment, actually!

At the end of the park, I heard a voice shouting my name: “Hey, Roos!”. It was Aranka (@aranka_fgc), popping up out of nowhere! She told us she was having a tough race. We decided to run together with the three of us.


Making a shoe selfie before the race

The last kilometer. I actually think that kilometer was a bit too long, because everybody’s split time was over 6:00, but whatever. It. Was. Magical. We crossed the corner and entered the Olympic Stadium. Everything was a rush. We accelerated and sprinted across the orange running track. Music was pumping. The crowd was screaming! I truly felt like an Olympic racer for a second! Then I realised my pace was too high and my stomach turned. No! No time for sickness! I pushed through and crossed the finish. We made it!

We met a lot of fellow fit girls, every girl with her own story to tell! I can’t WAIT to sign up for another 10K race! I hope to see you on one of those days as well!





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