Model Workout NYE warming up

Hello girls, did you all survive the Christmas festivities? Are you still alive? We at Model Workout sure did some serious eating and drinking, but no problem what so ever cause we train enough to eat what we want! I’m sure you do too. Just one big evening ahead of us which for some of […]

Model Workout Give Away

Hello lovely Fit Girls, this week  is a very important week for Model Workout! We finally get to announce the launch of our newest portal! To celebrate this great news with you, we want to invite you to and join us! Model Workout launches new portal We’re so proud to announce the launch of our new portal! […]

Model Workout abs killer

Are you always searching Youtube and every other little corner of the world wide web for a workout that somehow can make your abs appear in a magical way? Well you’ve come to the right place ’cause we sure know how to make them appear. (not so sure about the magic though, but some of […]

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7 Model Workout tips for better posture

Chin up, belly in, chest up, lean on your heels…These are just a few examples of the posture advices we give during Model Workout training. With these trainings we want to make you more aware about your own body. What is the best posture for maximum results? And not just when working out, also in […]

10 Model Workout Nutrition Tips

It seems like nowadays there’s no escaping sugars, bad carbs and processed foods with additives. No holds barred to give food more flavor and more preservability to increase your cravings. And it all comes down to one thing, money. This is how food companies think: the more taste food has, the more it will be purchased. Everything […]