Photoshoot for new sportswear brand Jogha

This week we had an amazing day with an even more amazing team of one of the fittest and prettiest Dutchies on Instagram. Together with Victor Kruit and Modelworkout we organized a photo shoot for new luxury sportswear brand Jogha. Curious how it went? Check the Instagram diary of the girls below! Lights, camera, action! Jogha luxury sportswear, For […]

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Nike Innovation summit report – day 1

For those who for some reason missed our New York spam this week; We went to the Big Apple with Nike for Nike Innovation summit. And it was AMAZING.  We visited a fashion show with the most inspiring athletes, interviews with power women, princess treatments and much much more.. Prepare to be amazed with part 1 […]

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Why you should always stretch

Hello my lovely fit girls, here is you weekly dosis of Model Workout . What could be nicer than a stretch in the early morning, mid-day or after work or heavy training? (Maybe pancakes, chocolate and chips if you’re not ‘allowed’) Okay maybe there are hundreds of things better than a stretch but why do so […]

5 core work outs you can do every day

Your core is the power house of your body. Strength, stability and power, it all comes from your core. Model Workout has 5 awesome exercises you can do every day to strenghten your core.  5 core work outs you can do every day Do each exercises for 30 seconds and do them one after the […]

Sophie’s Fitgirlcode Guide Review- 4 week progress

The time has come! I am finally halfway through the Fitgirlcode Guide?. And I must say, there have been some ups and downs, but the results are most certainly there. The 2-week progress review, which I of course posted 2 weeks ago, feels like 4 months ago or something ?. Time is literally flying by as I do […]