Eating insects is not a new thing. Countries like Thailand, Mexico, China and Ghana are eating bugs for centuries. If you feel adventurous and want to try a grasshopper yourself, you first need to remove the wings and the paws. They are not intended to be eaten. Bonne apetit! I noticed that all the insects have the same kind of protein smell. Not very strong or special, same goes for the taste. Insects have a pretty neutral taste, but a very crunchy texture!

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What kind of ‘Western’ snack could you make?
I suggest to bake them in the oven with olive oil, pepperbell and salt or caramelise them. They taste much better like that! Reheat them in the oven and use them, instead of croutons, in your salad. Since recently you can even buy insect snacks in you local supermarket. So for the Dutchies… if you feel like snacking something different, just go to Jumbo and get yourself some bugs!!


On the picture below you see something very special: a chocolate-peanutbutter-cricketproteinbar from Chapul. The taste was amazing and I liked it more then other proteinbars. Defenitly a healthier and more nutritions option!


Well, Fit Girls do you dare to try this new way of snacking?

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