2. The Bohemian Gals

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Aviator Sunglasses

If you thought that it was a done deal, I gotta break it to you, it’s still not. Aviator sunglasses will give you sufficient amount of confidence and a sassy boost. These are no.2 festival sunglasses after the Wayfarer Ray Bans!


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Shirt Dress

If youing are look for something easy, light and comfortable – this is it. A loose, white shirt-dress will be definitely the best choice for you if you wish to look stylish without restraining yourself too much with skirts, trousers or belts.




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Mylisia Leather Cross

With a simple dress, a simple bag goes well too. A small light brown, leather bag will fit all of festival essentials and won’t get in a way of you dancing your fit booty off!





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Fringed Faux Suede Booties

Last but not least are the festival heels that are comfy and fashion-friendly! They will complement the rest of your outfit well and will really put you into the festival mood.





Get the gear to bring in the motivation, then all you need is the sunshine on your good side for your perfect summer festival experience where ever you might be!

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