From low plank, curl over your toes and inhale to Cobra. Press the tops of your feet into the mat and point your toes backwards. Use your arms to lift up the chest, move the shoulders back towards the spine and open up your heart. For a more advanced practice, come in to Upward-facing dog. Press down on the balls of your feet, engage your thighs and lift up the upper thighs and knees from the mat. Look up and move back into a mini backbend.










Tuck your toes and use your core to come up into Downward-facing dog. Stretch your back and open up the shoulders by moving them away from your ears. Relax your head down and release any tension in your neck. Stay here for a few full breaths. From here, bring your right leg forward between your hands, followed by the left leg. For a little challenge, bend your knees and hop to the front of the mat. 

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