How soon a sunburn begins depends on a few things: your skin type, the sun intensity and how long you are exposed to the sun. Half of the sunburn take place after going out of the sun. Your cells find it hard to repair the damage, that’s why aftersun is so important. This helps to get the heat out of your skin and immediately repairs the sun damage. Don’t forget to apply sunscreen on commonly forgotten places such as your hairline, feet and ears, to avoid sunburn.

During sports

Working out in the sun is great, but sunburns and wrinkles aren’t. Make sure you apply your sunscreen even when it’s cloudy. Choose for a sunsprotector that blocks both UVA and UVB, so you will be fully protected. Make sure you get a sunscreen with a high SPF that is water-resistant or sweat-resistant, so it won’t drip in your eyes during the workout. If you are sweating a lot, make sure you reapply sooner than after two hours. Apply to every part of your body that is not covered, and don’t forget your face. For your lips, special lip balms are available with a SPF. Increasingly, different labels start their own ‘sport sunscreen line’, such as Lancaster. These sunscreens can be applied on a wet skin and the protection is very high. These products are not unsuitable for daily use, because they are a lot stickier than normal sunscreens and don’t go very well with make-up.


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