5. Criss cross

Keep your hands behind your head, shoulders off the mat, bend in your knees above your hips, toes pointed. Breathe out, extend your left leg as you pull your right knee towards you; simultaneously, lift your left shoulder towards your right knee. Keep your elbows to the side, squeezing the shoulder blades slightly; your left elbow is not tapping your right knee, it’s really about lifting yourself up! Still breathing out, switch legs; so it’s breathe in – right knee – left knee, breathe out – right knee – left knee.



Super strong Core with Pilates Series of 5 

Try do do these moves 3 times a week for the best result. Practice this series in a flow; so don’t take a break in between, but go directly from one move to another after you’ve finished the reps. Have fun with these moves and don’t be too hard on yourself the first few times you try them; practice makes perfect! 


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