The balayage look

Kloe Kardashian, Jessica Alba, Sarah Jessica Parker, Amber Heard, Jessica Biel, Lauren Conrad and offcourse Vanessa Hudgens. What do all these hotties have in common? They all have sexy hair! It is called a Balayage effect. (pronounced bah-lee-AHZGE) Hot right? Well, now I am also a hottie because I went and got myself a shiny and new balayage look. 

I had heard of ombre and dip dye but never of balayage until one month ago when my colleague walked in the office fresh from the hairdresser with her sexy balayage hair and I immediatly wanted one too.The ombre and dip dye effect was a little to extreme for me but this was perfect! A Balayage is the thing too ask for next time you are at your hairdresser. It is a way more natural look and you can go as bold as you like. I wanted a little bit of a fierce look so my balayage is pretty out there but I got what I asked for.


What is a balayage?
Balayage is a French hair coloring technique. It’s a freehand technique where the hair color is applied by hand sweeping for a more natural effect, rather than using the traditional foiling or cap highlighting techniques. Balayage can be used in even the shortest pixie crop however the best results is in hair below the shoulders. It creates depth and dimension, and leaves you with a sun-kissed finish look.

The great thing about the balayage technique is that you can go as soft or funky as you like. The natural highlights or lowlights which we all wish for, can be customised to however you’d like them to look, and can be as dramatic or as modest as you’d like them to be. Another great thing is how low maintenance the balayage effect. Because of the natural look, you don’t need to have your roots touched up as often. Which gives your hair less damage and keeps the money in your wallet.

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We love big brows

We love big brows and we can not lie! You other girls can deny! We make a deep bow for Cara Delevigne! Thanks to her we can all toss our tweezers to the side and let our brows grow back into their natural shape.
We just love big brows! Not only does it saves us a lot of time plucking, it also gives us a much fresher and younger look.

There was a time when the rule was, the thinner the eyebrows the better, and I think we’ve all been guilty of overplucking those hairy bastards. But every beauty blog/magazin or progam will tell you to PUT THE TWEEZER DOWN AND SLOWLY STEP AWAY from them, because your natural shape brow is the best shape for your face!
Offcourse you still have to manage a groomed look so throwing away your tweezer is out of the question.

The rules for the perfect eyebrows are

  • Let them grow! It takes about 3 months to repair the damage of an overplucked eyebrow. For a little help you can try a Lash & Brow booster. Be patient my dears.
  • After a few weeks you can start plucking BUT only the hairs underneath the eyebrow that don’t have anything to do with the shape of your eyebrow.
  • If you are in doubt about one little stubborn hair, one tiny little sucker that might f*ck up everything; then just leave it there. Please!
  • When your brows are fully grown it is time to shape them so the are groomed instead of ‘brows gone wild’

* There are other options such as good permanent make up and temporary brow extensions which are great for women wanting realistic brows when there isn’t any hair there or for women with blond eyebrows, that want a more powerful look. My advice is to make an appointment with a professional and get your facts straight before you let anyone draw an eyebrow on your face with a needle and tattoo ink!

How to shape/pluck your brows 

Locate your starting points

Flip your tweezer (I love the Tweezerman For Benefit Slant Tweezer) upside down so the open end is pointing downward, and place it vertically alongside the outer edge of the bottom of your nose. The point where the vertex lands marks the beginning of your brow (which should also be about one inch above the inner corner of your eye). Using an eye pencil, draw a vertical line to determine the start of each brow, then check that the space above the bridge of your nose is centered between them. Remove the strays that fall in between.

Mark your end points
Lay the tweezer on an angle against your cheek so that the open end is at the bottom of your nose and the other end reaches the outer corner of your eye. The spot where the tweezer intersects your brow is where the hairs should end. Mark it with an eye pencil, then pluck the hairs beyond the line.

Determine your brow thickness
Starting just below the fullest part of your brow, use an eye pencil to draw a line along the bottom edge of your brow; it should be above any stray hairs and it should follow the natural shape of your brow’s top line, which may be angled, slightly curved, or even straight. Pluck the strays below the line. Ultimately, your brows should be between a quarter inch and a half inch at their thickest.

Shape your arch
Look straight into a mirror. The arch should peak above the outer rim of your iris and lie right on your brow bone. Mark the point with your eye pencil, then remove a row of hairs along the bottom, from our inner brow point to the peak point. After the peak, shape the tail. Make it a bit thinner than the main part of your brow, tapering at the end.

(source: Womanshealthmag)

**Don’t forget to trim! If you have long brow hairs, they might look messy even after you’ve plucked. Brush your brows upwards (you can use a old mascara brush). Use small scissors, trim the longer hairs, cutting horizontally. Make sure not to cut too close to your actual brow. If you cut too short, you will have gaps in your brow when you brush the hairs back into place. I can tell you that’s not a pretty look..
***Finally, fill in gaps or sparse areas with a brow pencil or powder. (Use soft, gentle strokes – no hard lines!)I can understand what you must be thinking…all this plucking and grooming for a “natural” look?? But once you’ve taken all the steps above than you can keep your brows in the best shape with a little plucking and grooming every few days.

Good luck and remember, your patience will be rewarded with beautiful brows like badass Cara!

XO Kiki

Beauty Benefits of Coconut Oil

I am pretty sure most of you have heard about coconut oil and that it’s really good for your health. But did you also know that coconut oil has a lot more to offer besides the healthy fats?? I bet you didn’t!

Last year I had a total epiphany when I read an article with the title ‘50 ways to use coconut oil!! I didn’t tried them all but I have tried a few and I’m totally hooked! My personal favorite is to use it instead of a shaving cream. Bye bye red bumps, in growing hairs and skin irritation!! I almost started with the hair laser removal treatment, but coconut oil saved my bank account!

I always buy 2 jars, one to use in the kitchen for cooking and one to use in the bathroom, so I don’t have to juggle around with the jars. An important thing to know about coconut oil is that it’s melting point is quite low. If the temperature is above 76 degrees (24 C), the oil becomes liquid. So watch out with opening the jar during summer time!

Here are my 15 favorites of how you can use this Wonder of Nature!

  • My number ONE favorite! Use it instead of a shaving cream.
  • Use it as a make-up remover! This is a really soft way to clean your eyelashes. It will also give them a healthy ‘boost’.
  • Use it as the base for a homemade body scrub.
  • Keep a little container in your purse for lip moisturizer.
  • Use it as a styling agent if you have really dry hair. Just rub a tiny bit on your palms and apply to your hair and style as normal.
  • It’s a natural sunscreen SPF 8.
  • Massage into your nails a cuticles to help strengthen them.
  • Use it on the delicate tissue around your eyes to help prevent wrinkles and sagging.
  • Apply to bee stings or bug bites to soothe and heal the wound.
  • Spread a thin layer on cuts, burns or cold sores to speed up the healing process.
  • Use to help reduce visibility of stretch marks or to prevent them.
  • Rub it in your skin when still damp from taking a hot shower. You pores will soak it up in a few seconds and your skin will be baby soft!
  • Use on cracked or rough heels to help smooth them out.
  • Eat a spoonful when you need an energy boost!! Pre-Workout!
  • It’s reduces Keratosis Pilaris (A skin disorder. Tiny little red bumps on the back and/or front of your upper arms). Trust me, it works!!

So I guess the secrets out! Can’t wait to try it? You can order this magical goodie right here at

What’s your favorite way to use coconut oil?