5 Best celebrity butts on Instagram

“I don’t care about having a good butt,” said no Fit Girl ever. Never before had I seen quite so many #bootygainz on my Instagram newsfeed than in 2015! Fit Girls everywhere were embracing a bigger booty and leg day wasn’t just a thing for Fit Guys; music to the ears of all pear shaped girls out there. So here are 5 of the best celebrity butts on Instagram in 2015 to ass-pire to.

We might have already had the year of booty (supposedly it was in 2014 according to the internet) however seeing a well shaped butt always inspires me to get me up off of mine. You won’t get the ass you want sitting on the one you’ve got, is how the saying goes. For now though, let’s sit and take a moment to admire this slideshow of some of the best celebrity butts!


1.Beyonce in that dress at the Met Gala around this time last year. Wow.

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